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Supermax Hospital is a state-of-the-art medical center that is committed to giving patients the best care possible.


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Supermax Hospital is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for patients with digestive disorders and pregnant women. Our team of highly skilled and compassionate medical professionals is committed to delivering the best possible treatment and support for our patients

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We make a commitment to giving them the best care possible.

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At Supermax Hospital, all of our patients will receive the finest standard of treatment.

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Cutting-edge technology and equipment to deliver the best care to our patients.

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We work to increase patient satisfaction by meeting patients' expectations to the fullest.

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Our hospital has a number of departments that work tirelessly to meet the requirements and expectations of patients.




Focuses on the digestive system as well as the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect the digestive system.



Pediatrics is the area of medicine that specializes in treating newborns, kids, and teenagers.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Treatment of problems of the reproductive system and the management of women's reproductive health, including pregnancy and childbirth.

General and Laparoscopic Surgery

General and Laparoscopic Surgery

Use of invasive and no invasive methods to treat illnesses, wounds, and abnormalities.

Food Science And Nutrition

Food Science And Nutrition

A specialized unit within the hospital that focuses on the function of food and nutrition in healthcare.

General Medicine

General Medicine

Focuses on the identification and management of a broad spectrum of illnesses and ailments that impact all bodily systems.


What Patients Say About Us

Arpit Khanna

One of the top gastroenterology specialists is also one of the nicest people you could meet. He listens to his patients patiently and intently. Additionally, it provides the best diagnostic procedures, medical care, and medication as necessary. For specialized treatment and advice on GERD, fatty liver, and other gastrointestinal disorders, please visit him. I'm hoping for the best for him in all of his future endeavors. Dr. S. K. Singh, continue to serve humanity. Many thanks

Seema Raheja

Dr. Neetu Verma is an exceptional doctor who has always been supportive and helpful to me. She helped me before and after my delivery and cared for me and my child as a guardian. She is the perfect choice if you want the best experience. I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful and caring concern for my health as well as your efforts to give me the greatest medical and physical care.

Rajesh Gagneja

I attempted several different doctors' treatments for my stomach aches over the years without any relief; I even tried Ayurveda and naturopathy, but I became extremely discouraged. Later, when I began my therapy with Dr. S. K. Singh, I wasn't very optimistic, but after a few weeks, when I started to get better, a glimmer of hope appeared, and today I am completely fine. My confidence has also significantly increased as a result of the respite from my stomach discomfort. I appreciate him.

Komal Gulati

I experienced an unusual pregnancy (ectopic). The treatment was expertly explained by Dr. Neetu Verma, who also sincerely discussed the merits of each approach. She always had a welcoming, upbeat, and encouraging atmosphere, and she made me feel extremely comfortable. I received effective, hassle-free, and satisfying care from her. We appreciate having located her. I would strongly advise her to consult.

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    Supermax Hospital is the best gastroenterology and maternity clinic in Moradabad, and it has a full crew of professionals who work around the clock to give our patients the best care possible.

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    Our team of doctors at Supermax Hospital is always accessible to give you the best solutions to your concerns.

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    General Question

    After a colonoscopy, you may experience some bloating and gas as your body adjusts to the procedure. It is generally recommended to start with clear liquids (such as broth or apple juice) and gradually progress to solid foods as tolerated. Your doctor will provide specific instructions for your recovery, including any dietary restrictions or recommendations.


    Some gastroenterological conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, may have a genetic component and cannot be prevented. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing other digestive conditions, such as eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and not smoking. It is also important to get regular check-ups and screenings to detect any potential issues early on.


    It is common to experience some discomfort or bloating after an endoscopy, as the air introduced during the procedure can cause these symptoms. However, if you experience severe pain or have other concerns, it is important to contact your doctor.


    The decision to have a natural childbirth is a personal one, and it is important to discuss your options with your healthcare provider. In some cases, women with high-risk pregnancies may be advised to have a cesarean delivery (also known as a C-section) for the safety of both the mother and baby. However, it is possible for some women with high-risk pregnancies to have a successful natural childbirth with the guidance of a healthcare team.